Dinner on the Pacific Plate

Dinner on the Pacific Plate

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Did you miss our Virtual Dinner on the Pacific Plate (DOPP) or would you like to watch it again? 

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Dinner on the Pacific Plate was celebrated in 2020 style on October 10th. If you missed it or would like to replay your favorite scenes click the button above. We are so grateful to the amazing donors, board, staff, National Park Service partners, and community partners who made it a grand success! 

Funds raised annually at our Dinner guarantee that we can provide support for habitat and trail restoration (of which there will be a lot this year!), wildlife and endangered species protection, volunteer programs, environmental education programs for people of all ages and backgrounds, and scholarships that allow under-resourced children to connect to and understand the natural world.

Celebrating resilience has become a habit with practice. Thank you for helping us during this very unusual year! 

Donate to our Regeneration Fund!


Please consider making a donation to our Regeneration Fund! These funds will be split between conservation and education with an emphasis on fire recovery and education. There are many restoration projects to mitigate the impacts of the Woodward fire. We are also looking ahead and adjusting our onsite programming in preparation for a return to field programming. Every dollar counts in helping us plant seeds and shoots for the next generation.

PRNSA Board of Directors: 
John Casaudoumecq, Danny Dawson, Richard Gale, Blanca Chang Johnson, Maureen Kennedy, Mark Klender, Kirk Marckwald, Peggy Mitchell, Melissa Nelken, Catherine Porter, Dr. T. M. Ravi, Seth Rosen, Michelle Sarti, Zac Weinberg, David Wilson, Pamela Wright
PRNSA Council of Advisors:
Dr. Sarah Allen, Betty Anne Carlin, Steve Costa, Michael Deverell, Burr Heneman, Don Lloyd, Doug McConnell, Amy Meyer, Ralph Mihan, Clare Miller Watsky, Armando Quintero, Alka Ramchandani-Raj, Dennis Rodoni, Tom Sargent, David Wimpfheimer

Point Reyes National Seashore Association (PRNSA) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, and our Federal Tax-ID is 94-2228894.






Maureen Kennedy

Doune Trust Fund




Todd and Blanca Johnson

Melissa Nelken and Ronald Lee


William and Linda Tichy




Pamela and John Casaudoumecq

Mike Deverell and Susy Muscatell

Execushield, Inc.

Ron and Amanda Mallory

Kirk Marckwald and Christina Desser

T.M. Ravi and Francine Lejeune




Barbara Beno and Peter Crabtree

Allan and Sydne Bortel


Anna Kondolf and Peter Brock

Peggy and Dick Mitchell

Caren and Nick Orum

Jennifer Ott and Darin Smith

Lynne and Darryl Ott

Michelle and Edward Sarti

Anne Scanlan-Rohrer and Scot Rohrer

Peter and Jody Wardle

David and Miriam Wilson

Pamela Wright




Mike and Bonnie Barr

Anne Baxter

Bruce Baum and Sue Brown

Sandy and Connie Calhoun

Betty Anne Carlin

Ed and Nancy Conner


Cowgirl Creamery

Danny Dawson and Claudine Co

Kathy Dickson and John Geesman

The Entrekin Foundation

Donna and Steve Faure

Ilona Frieden and Mark Jacobson

Richard and Louisiana Gale

Jane Gitschier

Lucile Griffiths

Holly and John Hanke

Kelly and Alexander Harcourt

Howard and Pamela Hatayama

Burr Heneman and Lexi Rome

Mark and Shawn Klender

Mary Jane Large and Marc Levinson

Mike and Mary Malloy

Kate and Michael Matthay

Charles and Kathleen Mills

Doug Moore

Johanna Muth and Harris Nussbaum

Palace Market

David Powers and Beverly Schor

Seth and Molly Rosen

Pat and Glenn Rudebusch

Christine Sansom

Judith Shaw

Small Blue Planet Events + Consulting

Ken Taymor and Beth Parker

Patty and David Wimpfheimer

Rich and Diane Zimmerman





A Fork Full of Earth

Sarah Allen and Dudley Miller



Millicent Bogert and Scott MacDonald

Brickmaiden Breads

Josie Brownback

Julia and Bruce Burke

Richard and Lisa Cohen

Steve Costa and Kate Levinson

David and Vicki Cox

Ruth Dundas and Jim MacDonald

Good Earth Natural Foods

Michael and Nancy Jo Heaton

Heidrun Meadery

Hog Island Oyster Co.

Caroline Kindrish

Mari Loria and Alden Mudge

Patty McCrary and Dale Fehringer

Regina Phelps

Point Reyes Farmstead Cheese

Jeanne Reisman and Len Goldschmidt

Anne and Boyard Rowe

Lorelei and Jerry Sontag

Michael Warren and Mary Pieper-Warren

Clare and Paul Watsky

Zac and Amy Weinberg

Margaret Wu and Ciara Cox

Lena and Gabe Zentall















Mark Anderson and Kimberlee Stryker

Steven H. Brock and Leah Sirkin

Dick and Deane Bunce

Paul and Helen Chapman

Phillip Chavira

Heather and Jeff Clapp

Barbara Goodyear

Susan Hill

Claudia and James Harrison

Robert Houghteling and Elizabeth Fishel

Sally Jones

Belinda Kremer

Ilene Levinson

Ivan and Leah Light

Ralph and Mae Mihan

Lawrie Mott

Emily Murphy

Catherine Porter

Jeannene Przyblyski and Eric Jaye

Marianna Riser

Sandvoll Landscape

Phyllis Silverberg

Sol Food Restaurant





David Ackerly

Earl Blauner and Linda Marks

Julie Carlson

Anne Cook

Maureen Cornelia and Peter Sheremeta

Monica and John Salusky

Timothy and Sherry Stanton

Susan Tillett

Maureen Tracy

Raymond Welch and Kathleen Gaines


Click here to view a slideshow of photos from the 2019 Dinner on the Pacific Plate, thanks to Susan Adler Photography! Thanks to everyone who has supported this special event over the last ten years!