Seashore Restoration Partners

Seashore Restoration Partners

With PRNSA's Seashore Restoration Partners program, students and teachers have the opportunity to directly participate in habitat restoration in Point Reyes National Seashore through a variety of hands-on projects in diverse habitats throughout the park. Through this blog, students and teachers can monitor work completed and environmental progress over time. Working together, we can make a big difference for the health and survival of our California native plants and animals!



YES Nature to Neighborhoods - February 20, 2020


YES Nature to Neighborhoods

Through a partnership with YES Nature to Neighborhoods in Richmond, CA, youth took time from their spring break to help collect marine debris from Limantour Beach. They collected a total of 105 pieces of trash pollution, ranging from small plastic pieces (the most numerous) to treated lumber and nylon clothing. In our discussions, it was clear the youth felt gratified to know that their actions helped to protect wildlife and ourselves from the impacts of marine debris, and offered many ideas to take action at home to help address this global problem.



Madison Park Academy - December 10, 2019


Eighteen students from Oakland's Madison Park Academy collected trash from Limantour Beach while they explored the variety of natural items like kelp, surfgrass and smooth stones washed up on the beach. They collected 93 trash items weighing 3.78 kg. More than half of the items were broken hard plastic pieces. The haul included a rubber ball, synthetic clothing and some treated lumber.

Another eighteen students participated in habitat restoration work pulling out invasive iceplant from the dunes at Limantour Beach. The iceplant was piled up high to compost in place, leaving approximately 40 square meters cleared of iceplant. The effect will reduce the strangling effect of the invasive plant on the Coyote Brush living there.



Mountain Oaks School - November 14, 2019


Mountain Oaks Marine Debris Action Team

A unique group of 37 K-12th-grade students from the Sierra foothills joined PRNSA's Leslie Adler-Ivanbrook and Jasmine Dingler for a Marine Debris Action Team project at Limantour Beach. Students helped clean 5,000 square meters of beach and dunes, collecting 156 pieces of debris for a total of 4.5 kilograms!



Westmoor High School - January 23, 2020


Westmoor students transplant native creeping wild rye

Westmoor High School students shared that they felt gratified by the habitat restoration work they accomplished in the Giacomini Wetland in January. They dug up plugs of Elymus triticoides (creeping wild rye) from a meadow and transplanted them into patches of invasive plants, with the aim of displacing invasive species and expanding the native grass meadow. A total of 22 plugs were strategically planted that day!

an aerial view of the Point Reyes headlands with a green-topped bluffs overlooking the ocean.