Welcome to #ParkInPlace, our series of newsletters, educational activities, and videos to keep you connected to nature and Point Reyes National Seashore while you shelter in place. 

Our programs at Point Reyes National Seashore are looking much different, but we are still here for you! We will lend support by sharing information and ideas, by encouraging exploration of the various places where we are taking shelter, and by forging new and deeper connections with each other and our shared natural world. Follow us on social media and together we can #ParkInPlace.

Nature In Place Home Activities



As Point Reyes National Seashore continues to expand access during COVID19, PRNSA would like to welcome you back to the park. Check out our welcome video. 

Welcome Video



Park in Place Educational Webinar Series


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The Connection Between Nature and Good Health: In conversation with Florence Williams, author of "The Nature Fix". Presented by PRNSA, the Mesa Refuge, Black Mountain Circle and Point Reyes Books. 

Does Earth Have a Memory - How do we make sense of a story extending 4.5 billion years into the past? And what events in that long history have left their marks most indelibly on the planet we call home? with local educator and naturalist Don Jolley and the Bolinas Museum.  

A Wide-Ranging Conversation on Lighthouses and the Sea with authors Jazmina Barrera & Philip Hoare, a Point Reyes Books and PRNSA colaboration. 

A Response of California Black Rails to Wetland Restoration with Jules Evens, biologist and author of the The Natural History of the Point Reyes Penninsula. (A PRNSA funded study!)

Changing the River Otter Range Map: Brought to You by Community Science with Megan Isadore of the River Otter Ecology Project

Bats of Point Reyes and Marin County: Studying Secretive and Nocturnal Mammals of the Night Sky with Gabe Reyes of the U.S. Geological Survey

Marine Mammals of Point Reyes with Dr. Sarah Allen (a presentation by the Environmental Action Committee of West Marin). 


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Bridge the Gap: Shelter in Place Fund Letter



an aerial view of the Point Reyes headlands with a green-topped bluffs overlooking the ocean.