PRNSA Field Institute Instructor

Allie Rigby is a Bay Area poet with roots in the chaparral of southern California. She is most intrigued by notions of wildness, gender, and moments of brief connection. Eleven of her poems are being published between the 2019 anthology The Kerf Seeks, the desert literary magazine Cholla Needles, and the monthly Adelaide Literary Magazine based in New York. When not writing, Allie teaches environmental education to middle-school students throughout Marin. Her work draws on the need for a sense of belonging and rooted identity. Themes reappear in her work on the craving of a relationship with her physical landscape, history of places, and the humans in her life who have provided respite, hope, and wit. She has attended writing classes at the Grotto in San Francisco, as well as abroad with Irish poets Kevin Higgins and Leanne O’Sullivan. Most recently, she was accepted to an Orion in the Wilderness workshop in Tucson, Arizona. With her daily work as a teacher, Allie offers workshops that combine her environmental teachings with the power of words to make meaning, facilitate connections, and help each other process the times. With a background in environmental studies, Allie’s writing returns to the pain of sudden transitions, human relationships, and chaos in the Anthropocene era. A (very) short list of writers who have influenced her work and style include Leanne O’Sullivan, Mary Oliver, Sharon Blackie, Sherwin Bitsui, Kurt Vonnegut, and Ada Limón. The humor and balance in these writings is medicinal in a world that can be overwhelming, bleak, and beautiful. Allie prefers her coffee black from the Sacred Ground Café in the Haight-Ashbury neighborhood of San Francisco. As the oldest running Poetry Night west of the Mississippi since 1972, this cafe deserves credit for all the brave humans and writers there who encouraged her to start sharing her work. It is her favorite place to read new work, hear other’s poems, and be inspired. She encourages all writers, young and old, to visit and step up to the microphone there.



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an aerial view of the Point Reyes headlands with a green-topped bluffs overlooking the ocean.