Camping in the Park

Wildcat Camp

Camping in the Park

One of the best ways to experience Point Reyes National Seashore is to sleep under the stars in one of the park’s four backcountry campgrounds located in the Phillip Burton Wilderness, or along the west-side shores of Tomales Bay. 

To Make a Reservation

Camping in the park is offered year-round by permit only and is on a first come-first serve basis. Backcountry camps are accessible only by foot or bike and sites along Tomales Bay are only accessible by boat, canoe or kayak only. You can make online camping reservations up to six months in advance or check for same-day reservations at the Bear Valley Visitor Center during regular hours of operation. Reservations are highly encouraged, especially during the summer months, on weekends and for groups larger than six people. Please be aware that there is no car or RV camping in the park, but you may find additional car camping options outside the park that will meet your needs or group size. 

Reserve online at
or by calling at 877.444.6777 
or by walking into the Bear Valley Visitor during normal hours of operation 
For park camping information (no reservations), contact 415-464-5100 x2 x5 (information)

Camping Fees 

  • $20/night/site for 1 to 6 people
  • $40/night/site for 7 to 14 people
  • $50/night/site for 15 to 25 people


  • Food Storage Locker
  • Potable Drinking Water
  • Pit Toilets
  • Grills (Charcoal)
  • Tent Sites
  • Trail Head Parking
  • Trails
  • Beach Access (Coast and Wildcat Camps)
  • Boat Ramp (Boat-in Camping)
  • Group Camping
  • Hitching Racks

Backcountry Campgrounds

Coast Camp is nestled within a small, protected valley with easy access to the beach and tidepools (200 yards). This is the most popular camp for families as it can be approached easily from the beach or other trailheads. Twelve individual sites and two group sites are available. 

Shortest Hike-In:  Easy to moderate, 1.8 mile hike from Laguna trailhead
Bike-in: Easy to moderate, 2.7 mile ride from Coast trailhead across from the Point Reyes Hostel

Glen Camp is a quiet and secluded camp deep within a wooded valley and protected from ocean breezes. Campers can reach this camp from Bear Valley or the Five Brooks Trailhead. No groups, horses, or pack animals are allowed at Glen Camp. Twelve individual sites are available. 
Shortest Hike-In: Moderate, 4.6 mile hike from Bear Valley trailhead
Bike-in: Strenuous, 6.3 mile ride on Stewart trail from the Five Brooks trailhead

Sky Camp is located on the west side of Mt. Wittenberg & Inverness ridge at an elevation 1025 feet. From some vantage points, and in clear weather, it has a sweeping view of Drakes Bay and the Pacific Ocean. Eleven individual sites and one group site are available. 
Shortest Hike-In: Moderate, 1.4 mile hike from Sky trailhead off Limantour Road
Bike-in: Moderate to strenuous, 1.4 mile ride from Sky trailhead off Limantour Road

Wildcat Camp is located on an open meadow bluff overlooking the ocean with a short walk to the beach, and 2-mile round-trip beach walk to the park’s only major waterfall, Alamere Falls. Five individual sites and three group sites are available; please note, three of the individual sites only hold up to four people. 
Shortest Hike-In: Moderate –strenuous, 5.5 mile hike from Palomarin trailhead out of Bolinas
Bike-in: Strenuous, 6.7 mile ride on the Stewart trail from Five Brooks trailhead

Boat-In Campsites 

The park also has boat or kayak campsites along Tomales Bay for groups of up to 25. These sites are on national park beaches on the west side of Tomales Bay and north of Tomales Bay State Park's Indian Beach. These sites are subject to seasonal closures and tides and require more careful planning. Campers must boat-in all their supplies including water, food, firewood and portable toilets. Limited camping is available at Marshall and Tomales beaches, where vault and/or portable toilets are provided. 

Things to Note

  • You must pick up a camping permit (at Bear Valley Visitor Center) for your site assignment as well as a parking permit for each vehicle associated with your camping permit.
  • ​Camping is limited to four nights per visit, with a maximum of 30 nights per year. 
  • The minimum age of any camper is 18 unless accompanied by an adult.
  • Small (7-14 people) or large (15-25 people) groups are restricted to group sites only. Please do not break your group into smaller sizes to get a reservation. Individuals may not book multiple sites in any one campground on the same night. Groups of more than 6 may not purchase multiple sites in one campground for one night.
  • Dogs and other pets are not allowed in backcountry wilderness campgrounds or trails. Registered assistance animals are an exception and should be clearly identified with proper identification.
  • Quiet hours are from sundown to sunrise. Respect your neighbor, the wilderness and natural quiet. Fireworks are prohibited.
  • Campsites should be left clean. Please practice Leave No Trace principles by utilizing recycle or trash bins located in campgrounds or pack out items if bins are full. 
  • Campers must vacate their campsite by noon on their day of departure, but are welcome to continue hiking and exploring the park.
  • Keep the park’s wildlife WILD. Do not feed them any food or leave food unattended. Store your food and any scented items properly in the food storage lockers provided at the campsite. While the lockers prevent larger animals from getting to properly stored food, mice can gain access into the lockers through small drain holes. Campers may wish to use steel wool to plug these holes during their stay. Please remove the steel wool upon departure. Do not leave any food unattended or stored in your tent.
  • No wood fires are allowed in the wilderness area or in backcountry campgrounds. Please bring a gas camping stove, or bring charcoal and use the grill provided in your site. Do not collect wood in the park. 
  • You may obtain a free beach fire permit at the Bear Valley Visitor Center when you pick up your backcountry camping permit. Driftwood fires are permitted on the beaches (below the high tide line, if possible). Please put fires out with water, not sand.
  • Area outfitters can provide kayak rentals. Boat rentals/transportation is not provided by the park.
  • ​Maximum number of horses or pack animals in any campground is eight. Horses are not allowed at Glen Camp. Pack animals and horses must be tied to hitch rails.
  • Hunting is prohibited, and all weapons (including, but not limited to, B-B guns, slingshots, bows and arrows, or any object capable of discharging a projectile-with the exception of firearms), as well as weapons prohibited by the state, are prohibited.
  • Boaters must remove human waste. Disposing of human waste in the bay or onto park beaches is prohibited, so campers must bring portable toilets or limit camping to Marshall Beach and Tomales Beach where vault toilets are available.

For more information on camping in the park, call the National Park Service at Point Reyes at 415-464-5100 x2 x5 (information).