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Staff & Bios

Point Reyes Summer Camp is staffed by a remarkable group of people who share a love for the natural world, great enthusiasm for outdoor adventure, and dedication to fostering confidence and creating experiences that evoke awe and connection. Our programs promote inclusion, change lives, and inspire the next generation of environmental stewards.
Program Director

Lynn grew up just outside of Yellowstone Park where she received her first education in the outdoors from the park rangers and the wild lands around her. She spent many childhood hours in the woods exploring creek beds, tracking moose, reading the sky and playing with the wood elves. The sense of awe and delight in the natural world has never left her, and nothing brings her more joy than sharing her love of nature with children.
Lynn has spent some portion of every summer for the past 30 years as either a camper or a camp staff member. She has done nearly every job there is to do at camp and served on the Board of Trustees for Luccock Park Camp in Montana for many years. Most recently she worked for Trackers Earth managing their year-round Marin programs. She is excited to put her gifts for team-building, biscuit baking and knock-knock jokes to work for Point Reyes Summer Camp.