Development and Communications Manager

Alyssa Jane Tanner is the fifth generation in her family to call the Point Reyes and Inverness area home. She returned home and joined PRNSA in 2016 to be with family, pursue a career supporting outdoor education, and to reconnect with the land, water, and wildlife of West Marin after graduating from Cornish College of the Arts with a B.F.A. in Visual Arts & Design. Alyssa grew up listening to stories about sunken ships near Chimney Rock, hearing about bizarre wildlife sightings from her great grandfather’s commute to the Marconi RCA Wireless Station, and creating her own stories in her sketchbook. She is excited to be back in the place that she calls home to live and learn with others that are drawn to this magnificent landscape. 

Office: (415)663.1200 x 310 Cell: (415)827.0456