Class Proposals

Thank you for your interest in instructing a PRNSA Field Institute class!
Point Reyes National Seashore Association (PRNSA) is the primary nonprofit partner of the National Park Service at Point Reyes. We work in partnership with the National Park Service to preserve and maintain wildlife habitats, trails and historic sites in this beautiful and unique park. Our year-round environmental education programs help children and adults deepen their understanding of nature and inspire the next generation of park stewards.
The PRNSA Field Institute offers over 100 hands-on outdoor education classes per year that foster the enjoyment of the Point Reyes National Seashore, for over 2000 participants. Our classes are led by instructors who take you out of your everyday life and into the natural world through science, art, and adventure.
PRNSA Field Institute classes are held within Point Reyes National Seashore and its immediate surroundings. Classes may be held outdoors or at any of the locations listed, HERE.
Each class is assisted by one or two volunteer facilitators who help the instructor with materials, logistics, and situational awareness while representing PRNSA and our mission.
-know how to use each of our facilities, including building keys/codes
-bring medical kits and incident/near miss reports
-bring printed handouts or supplies that you have requested
-handle waiver forms
-take attendance
They also have been trained to give a short 2-4 min introduction about PRNSA at the beginning of each Field Institute Class. We ask all class participants to arrive 10-15 minutes early so that checking in and signing waiver forms does not take up class time. We also ask that the Facilitators arrive 20-30 minutes early to allow time prepare and be ready for participants who arrive early and to assist you however needed within reason.
Field Institute instructors receive a base fee of $150 for teaching a class, regardless of class length, plus 35% of ticket revenue (minus expenses and the $150 base fee.)
$150 + [35% of (ticket revenue minus $150)]
For example, instructor pay for a class costing $100 per ticket with 10 participants would come out to $447.50, per the following:
Ticket revenue: 10 x $100 = $1000
Ticket revenue minus base fee: $1000 - $150 = $850
35% of $850 = $297.50
Total pay (35% + base fee): $297.50 + $150 = $447.50
Please use this pay structure when considering your Proposed Non-Member Ticket Price and Preferred Maximum Enrollment when filling out the proposal. PRNSA does not set a minimum; cancellation due to low enrollment will be at the discretion of PRNSA and will be handled on a case-by-case basis.
This pay structure encourages instructors to partner with PRNSA in marketing their classes to share in the financial rewards of high enrollment.
This pay structure encourages instructors to partner with PRNSA in marketing their classes to share in the financial rewards of high enrollment.
The proposed course will be listed by PRNSA in/on the following:
-1 class description & instructor bio in the biannual PRNSA magazine (17,000+ distributed every 6 months)
-1 class description & instructor bio on the PRNSA website
-1 event listing & instructor bio on Eventbrite
-1 Facebook event & 1-2 Facebook posts (16,000+ followers)
-1-4 postings sent to our emailing list (11,500+ contacts)
-0-1 listing in the Point Reyes Light (we send all course offerings to the Point Reyes Light and they determine which the want to post)
-0-5 other 
The PRNSA Field Institute accepts class proposals before each season begins. To submit a class proposal please email the Field Institute at to discuss the parameters of your class. Afterwards you will be placed on the instructor list and be sent the prosoal before the next season begins. 
Classes are listed in our biannual magazine which dictates the schedule for when we plan out course offerings. One magazine features classes taking place from November to April and the other from May to October. You are welcome to propose classes for anytime of the year during anytime of the year, but we will not review those course offerings until four months before the beginning of a season. For example; we begin to review courses that will take place from November to April in July and we begin to review course that will take place from May to October in January.
Thank you all for your contributions to this incredible landscape.

PRNSA Field Institute