Take a Swim

Point Reyes National Seashore offers limited swimming areas with Limantour and Drakes beaches providing the easiest and safest access, outside of winter storm conditions. Other beaches, including North, South, Abbotts, Kehoe and McClure's (known collectively as "Great Beach") can have extremely dangerous rip tides and sneaker waves at any time of the year. The ocean temperatures are about 50-60 degrees year-round and follow the strong Calfiornia current. Additionally, if you're hiking in the Phillip Burton Wilderness, you may come across one of three backcountry lakes, including Bass, Pelican or Crystal lakes. Any of these areas can provide you with cooling relief, but remember to watch out for poison oak and stininging nettle. Please be advised that no lifeguards are on duty at any beach in Point Reyes, and that swimming is at your own risk. Remember to never turn your back on the ocean! Please visit the National Park Service website for more information about beaches and safety in Point Reyes National Seashore.

You can also find a number of beaches along Tomales Bay, where the water is shallower, warmer and safer than the open ocean. Many people swim, kayak, and canoe in this bay. The best access point is at Heart's Desire in Tomales State Park